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Product Name: Viking Dog Diet – Extend Your Dog's Life Through The Best Diet

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ATTENTION All Dog Owners Who Want Their Dog To Live As Long And Healthy As Possible

This Mindbogglingly POWERFUL Yet Simple Method Of Feeding Dogs An All-Natural, Nutritious And DELICIOUS Diet May Help Dogs Recover From Stubborn HEALTH Problems And Even Add Years To Your Furry BEST Friend’s Life

No Silly, Bogus Ingredients, No Complicated Time-Consuming Recipes, No BS

It is possible to extend a dog’s life by simply changing the dog’s diet. This of course depends on the dog’s previous diet as well as the new diet. HOWEVER, the incredible thing is that dogs may live many years longer, maybe even twice as long(!), if you choose the right diet.

A host of health problems may be caused or made terrifyingly worse by a dog’s food, like:

On the other hand, this means health problems may get much better or even solved completely when changing the dog’s diet!

By switching to the right, natural, nutritious, no BS diet, dogs may recover from health problems vets and medications are simply unable to solve. It may even save them from being ‘put to sleep’ – literally SAVING THEIR LIFE 

-> keep reading for a unique example below

We have been FOOLED for years to believe dog food is healthy for our dogs, at least in my opinion. HOWEVER, it may be the biggest reason our dogs are suffering all sorts of health problems and even dying years too early!

Even if your dog seems to do well right now, chances are you’ll have to deal with frustrating health problems that may even cost you a small fortune down the line – health problems that may have been prevented!

I mean, it has been estimated that:

On top of all of this, dogs are suffering with allergies, skin issues, bald-spots, yeast infections, digestive issues, diabetes, low energy, behavior issues, aging too quickly… and the list goes on. 

“If changing a dog’s diet can improve or even solve health problems like these…

What does that say about dog food?”

From Dry Dog Food To A Natural Diet:


At 9 years old, Cara was obese, depressed, had arthritis and struggled to walk after exercise so she was on pain relief medication. All this while on a commercial dry dog food diet.

Just 9 months after switching to a natural diet she lost a third of her body weight. She no longer has arthritis, no need for pain medication, she is super healthy.

Oh! And she hasn’t even needed to visit the vet at all for the last 5 years! 


“Look. Look at this boys Skin! He’s had skin infections ever since I first adopted him at 2 months. Been on and off antibiotics and special shampoo.” This dog’s owner had to switch kibble 3 times until finally switching to a natural, meat-based diet and getting these amazing results.

Is Dog Food HURTING Your Dog?

DID YOU KNOW: 50-60% or even more of what a dog food consists of may be completely unnecessary for dogs and possibly cause harm over time?

DID YOU KNOW: Animal fat is often added to the outside of dry dog food to get dogs to even consider eating the food?

DID YOU KNOW: The FDA allows diseased animals in dog food? Don’t you think if a cow died of a deadly disease, that the meat from that cow might not be the healthiest for your dog?

DID YOU KNOW: Dog food may be so nutrient poor that manufacturers have to rely on synthetic nutrients to even pass the minimum requirements (which themselves are highly flawed)?

DID YOU KNOW: If your dog’s poop is big, your dog may be pooping out lots of nutrients? This happens to so many dogs because so much of the dog food they eat contains nutrients their body cannot digest and absorb. It’s basically useless to them!

DID YOU KNOW: Dog food may be one of the biggest reasons dogs suffer from health issues and even die years too early?

Dog food is actually a relatively new invention. It’s only about 60 years ago that dog food manufacturers started producing dry dog food as we know it today, which by the way is an ultra-processed food. 

“Doctors don’t tell us to only eat processed food every day of our life, BECAUSE it’s NOT healthy… So why should we do that to our dogs?”


Don’t get fooled by a high price tag. Even expensive, premium dog food may contain all sorts of unnecessary, cheap and harmful ingredients. 

Even veterinary diets that might cost you a small fortune, may contain pretty much the same ingredients as the cheapest dog foods at the supermarket… 


FACT: Dogs do not have a nutritional requirement for carbohydrates (carbs). 

Dogs simply do not require carbs in their diet. This is no news and it’s something even dog food manufacturers agree with. 

Even so, loads of dog foods contain as much as 50% or even more carbs! 

WHY? Likely because carbs are cheap ingredients. 

Dog food manufacturers might tell you carbs is an excellent source of energy. HOWEVER, study shows even racing sled dogs running 19 km (12 miles) in just 40 minutes don’t need carbs for energy! So do you really think your dog needs carbs for energy? 

THE THING IS, for dogs to eat some carbs from time to time is probably fine. However…

If dogs eat the amount and type of carbs found in lots of dog foods today it may actually change their metabolism and the response of a specific hormone called insulin. 

And over time they may develop INSULIN RESISTANCE which is linked to a host of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, different types of cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and even epilepsy, autism and depression. 

Could this be why our dogs are so sick and even die too early?


-> ‘Complete and balanced’… it’s not what you think!

Commercial dog food is often formulated to meet a set of nutrient requirements. The ones who basically decide the nutrient requirements of commercial dog food in the US is an association called AAFCO. (Other countries have similar nutrient profiles.) 

INTERESTINGLY, AAFCO themselves have said that since for instance the digestibility of iron can vary from less than 10% to almost 100% due to several factors… This:

“demonstrates the impossibility that any list of concentrations can invariably ensure that all nutrient requirements are fulfilled in all diet formulas without additional considerations.”

They are basically saying you cannot know for sure if a dog food actually contains all the nutrients your dog needs even if the dog food fulfills all the requirements set by AAFCO. 

EVEN SO, dog food may be labelled ‘complete and balanced’ and you may be told this is the only thing you should feed your dog every single day, maybe even for your dog’s entire life…

EVEN WHEN there’s actually a good chance it does not contain all the nutrients your dog needs. 

As you probably understand, there are lots of health problems that may result from nutrient deficiencies… 


You might have heard of certain dog foods causing heart disease in dogs? Maybe you have heard that GRAIN-FREE dog food is to blame? 

It’s unknown why this is happening. Some believe it may be due to a nutrient deficiency. 

What’s important for you to know is that quite a few of the dog foods linked to heart disease (if not all) were formulated to meet the AAFCO nutrient requirements!

If ‘complete and balanced’ dog food can cause heart disease – even death… Shouldn’t we all be asking: What else is ‘dog food’ doing to our dogs??


Keeping in mind that ‘dog food’ is a new invention…

Now that millions of people all around the world are feeding their dogs commercial dog food, dogs are also suffering with anything from allergies, skin issues, digestive problems, overweight, underweight, arthritis, cancer… 

Is this all really a coincidence?

“Or could there be a direct link between dogs’ health problems – even early death – and ‘dog food’…?”

When seeing how dogs recover from health problems simply by removing commercial dog food and replacing it with a natural, nutritious, real food diet, it certainly doesn’t seem like a coincidence. 




“Commercial dog food may be both cheap and convenient. HOWEVER, there is nothing cheap and convenient about having a sick dog if you ask me…”

LISTEN, don’t feel bad if you have been feeding your dog commercial dog food up until now. I mean, it’s not like dog food manufacturers advertise what we have discussed so far… 

However, you’re about to discover how you may feed a completely natural, healthy, nutritious, real food diet to your dog, even starting today! 

So don’t feel bad, just do what’s necessary to make sure your dog is as healthy as possible from now on!

Even though commercial dog food may be harmful, HOMEMADE DIETS can also be harmful to dogs. It depends on the actual diet… 

If you want to feed your dog a nutritious, healthy yet simple diet that just works, there are certain things you need to avoid: 

LISTEN: For dogs to recover from health problems, live a long life and simply thrive, they should be eating only healthy, nutritious, real food.

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

The best way to feed this kind of diet to our dogs is with a homemade diet…

…which can be both SIMPLE and EASY if done in a certain way.

The Answer Is Found Within The Viking Dog Diet

“Dogs deserve REAL FOOD, and none of that processed, synthetic, unhealthy dog food…”

Feeding dogs a homemade diet is something we humans have done for more than 10,000 years. That’s how our dogs have been able to live by our side for so long. ‘Dog food’ on the other hand seems to have messed everything up because today, dogs are dying too young and even suffer all sorts of health problems!

We do need to make sure we feed our dogs correctly, though. If our dogs don’t get the nutrition they need in the form they need it, they won’t be able to thrive and live a long life. 

The answer is found within the Viking Dog Diet. This isn’t just a diet, it’s a METHOD that shows you step-by-step how to feed your dog truly nutritious, healthy, 100% natural real food so that your dog may recover from stubborn health problems (unless your dog has been lucky to not have any yet…) and simply thrive! Maybe even add 3 or more years to your dog’s life! 

This is what the Viking Dog Diet method is:

People that feed this kind of natural diet to their dogs have said it brings all sorts of benefits! Such as:

Dogs eating an evolutionary diet live longer and are less likely to get cancer

According to Dr. Ian Billinghurst, a veterinary surgeon from Australia who’s well known for promoting natural diets for dogs: “Pets eating an evolutionary diet, live much longer than their kibble fed counterparts, and are less likely to develop cancer or any of the other degenerative diseases which plague modern pets.” And for those who switch older pets with a degenerative disease usually finds the disease “suddenly becomes less of a problem.” Including many forms of cancer. [Ian Billinghurst. The BARF Diet. Warrigal Publishing. Australia. 2001.]

Return to a natural diet to resolve and reduce recurrence of health issues 

Tom Lonsdale, another veterinarian from Australia all in favour of natural diets for dogs, said even back in 1995 regarding his general practice: “Standard care does involve, regardless of presenting conditions, the provision of dental care and advice to return to a natural diet.” “The results more than justify our confidence with the rapid resolution and reduction in recurrence of medical complaints.” [Lonsdale, T. (1995), Periodontal disease and leucopenia. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 36: 542-546. doi:10.1111/j.1748-5827.1995.tb02807.x]

Dogs fed a natural diet retain a youthful appearance until late in life

Tom Lonsdale: “Animals which have always been fed a natural diet, and therefore enjoy a healthy mouth, retain a youthful appearance until late in their lives.” [Tom Lonsdale. Raw Meaty Bones. Rivetco P/L. Australia. 2001.]


Nina used to be moderately overweight and did not lose weight in spite of being fed a low calorie weight management diet for obese dogs.

Since study shows even moderately overweight dogs may die almost 2 years earlier, Nina’s life was on the line…

After only 2 weeks on the Viking Dog Diet, Nina lost all the excess fat! Her owners also say she has more energy, she’s playing more, is more focused and pays more attention. She just seems years younger!


This is Maggie. She was suffering with severe allergies. She basically didn’t have any fur on her feet for years. 

After just 6 weeks on a natural, meat-based diet her allergies basically vanished!


Hi there, I’m Ingunn, a Norwegian Viking who absolutely loves dogs. Even though my background is in Physics and Mathematics, years ago I left my job as a Project Manager in the oil and gas industry and I have spent the last few years researching about dogs and nutrition. 

Why? Well, to make a long story short, my first family dog, a sweet and fun Border Collie named Sasi, actually died of cancer at just 7 years old. Can you believe it? We thought she would live twice as long! 

Now, this was many years ago when I still had never even questioned whether dogs should eat ‘dog food’ or not… And it was only years later that I made the connection between cancer and our dog’s food!

So I started researching… I read books, attended conferences, studied some of the best science on dogs and nutrition this world has to offer and I even got a certificate as a Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. 

And I am now on a MISSION to help as many dog owners like you to feed their dogs the best possible diet so that our dogs can live a truly healthy, long life!

Because our dogs deserve it, right?!

I’m from Norway and like to call myself a Viking 😉 It doesn’t really have anything to do with Vikings from back in the days… Though, I like the image of Vikings being tough, not accepting any BS while keeping things simple and just going for what they want. So that’s the kind of gentle and friendly Viking I want to be and I think all dogs can be that too! Tough yet gentle Viking dogs 🙂 PLUS, it reflects the kind of food both we humans and our dogs should eat: simple, no BS, real food. 

While researching about dogs and nutrition, I was SHOCKED to find out how many people, even experts, do not understand the concept of BIOAVAILABILITY and how important it is for our dog’s health… 

“Nutrients mean nothing to dogs if they can’t make use of them”

A dog can’t survive eating only grass for instance because a dog’s digestive system isn’t designed to extract lots of nutrients from grass; The nutrients in grass don’t come in the form that a dog’s body can make use of. 

A cow’s digestive system, on the other hand, is specifically designed to extract as much nutrients from grass as possible and cows may therefore live off of grass alone. 

Check out the illustration below which shows how different a ruminant herbivore’s digestive system is (such as a cow) compared with a carnivore’s digestive system (such as a dog). 

[Adapted from: G. A. Feldhamer, et al. Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology. JHU Press, Feb 19, 2015]

So even though grass may contain all sorts of nutrients, those nutrients mean nothing to a dog if the dog can’t digest, absorb and make use of them, right? 

On the other hand, beef meat for instance is food that is highly bioavailable to dogs. 

And even more so, you don’t even need to cook the meat because dogs are designed to eat their food raw. 

“That’s why a natural meat-based diet for dogs is often referred to as RAW”

(I mean, I don’t know of any other animal on this planet except us humans that actually cook their own food, do you?)

Beef meat is not the only thing you should be feeding your dog, however…

This is very important because if you don’t feed your dog correctly, even if you have the best of intentions, your dog may end up way worse… 

And because not a lot of people truly understand bioavailability and it’s importance to our dog’s health, you shouldn’t take advice from just anyone either… 


The SCARY MISTAKES You Should Avoid

There are different ways of feeding a natural diet to dogs and choosing the right one is so important!

Some people try the risky road of winging it. As some people have even lost their dog doing this, it’s definitely not something anyone should go about unless they have extensive knowledge and experience in dog nutrition. 

Other people go for expensive and uncertain commercial dog foods. If you have lots of money laying around, this may be the option for you, though you would need to do a lot of research trying to find several brands to alternate between that do not contain any unnatural ingredients or additives, is not processed nor contain ingredients that are processed, that only contain bioavailable food, etc. You would be leaving your dog’s health in the hands of dog food manufacturers and there’s always a risk of a terrifying dog food recall. 

Lots of homemade diets are only sets of complicated, time-consuming recipes that actually may not even be that nutritious to dogs because lots of the ingredients may not even be bioavailable. And what are you left with? Just a few limiting recipes without the knowledge of how to actually feed your dog. 

Others feed their dogs according to some diets created to mimic how a wolf eats. The idea may be fine, though these diets can be both complicated, requiring you to keep your calculator handy to do all sorts of calculations, as well as quite restrictive. 

Maybe you have even seen pictures of homemade diets that look super complicated…? I mean, with all sorts of ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, kelp, fish oil, chia seeds, …….

…that may actually cause more harm than good!

LISTEN, I don’t believe feeding our dogs a 100% natural, healthy and nutritious real food diet should be difficult, complicated time-consuming, nor restrictive. It’s something every dog owner should be able to do, right?!

The Viking Dog Diet is a powerful yet simple METHOD

This is why I have made the Viking Dog Diet as simple as possible, cutting out all the BS ingredients and making sure you learn step-by-step how to actually feed your dog healthy, nutritious, real food. 

This isn’t just a diet, it’s a METHOD that’s based on science to help you feed your dog the kind of food dogs thrive on. It’s a method that shows you how to step-by-step, meal by meal, transition your dog from whatever food you may be currently feeding to this highly nutritious diet. It’s a method that gives you CONTROL so that you may always know how to feed your dog a healthy, nutritious diet! 

DID YOU KNOW some dogs live to be in their 20s, even almost 30 years old? Imagine having a dog that lives that long… Imagine if your dog lived that long! How can we then accept dogs to be old when they are only 10, 12 or even 14 years of age…? And what are we doing to our dogs that’s making them live for such a short amount of time? I mean, it’s not only about food of course, other factors play a role as well… HOWEVER, food is HUGELY IMPORTANT when it comes to health and vitality! And you want your dog to be healthy and stay by your side for as long as possible, right?! 

This Works For Any Breed or Mix And People With Busy Schedules

Dogs of all breeds and mixes can TAKE ADVANTAGE of the amazing health benefits the natural, highly nutritious Viking Dog Diet can bring. 

Even dogs that already have stubborn health problems may see some incredible benefits! 

Plus, even if you have a busy schedule, the Viking Dog Diet has been made to be both simple and flexible, so that it can fit into pretty much any kind of lifestyle. 

Because the Viking Dog Diet isn’t just a diet, it’s a Method, based on science, to give you the opportunity to feed your dog in a way that makes you think: I wish I has known about all of this sooner!!


“Since the switch my 14 year old Lucy has become more energetic, is excited about food, started playing with toys again, no more lethargy, her eyes (she has cataracts) look brighter and less cloudy and overall she seems happier and content. I can’t wait to see what else will change. I have my cuddly clown back. She is like a younger version of herself again. I’ll take that for as long as she will stick around <3”


“She went from refusing kibble and slowly starving herself to this gorgeous raw-fed beast.”

The Viking Dog Diet’s Three Pillars

The Viking Dog Diet is a Method that, based on science, aims at optimal nutrition for dogs. 

To achieve this, the Viking Dog Diet has 3 Pillars that are all crucial and even influences each other, namely:

This may seem like an obvious pillar, though you’d be SURPRISED to hear how many people actually don’t know what ‘real food’ really is.

I mean, which ones of the following do you think are real foods (if any)? Ground beef, corn, peas, omega 3 oil, wheat… 

If we want our dogs to be healthy and live a long life, they need to eat real food!


This is such an important factor and is very often completely overlooked!

Nutrient density is basically a measure of how many nutrients you may find in food per weight. Our dogs need nutrients, that’s why we feed them in the first place, right?!

HOWEVER, the nutrients also need to be bioavailable to our dogs… Otherwise they won’t be able to make use of those nutrients!

Luckily, the Viking Dog Diet shows you exactly which kind of foods are both nutrient dense and bioavailable. 


This is yet another often overlooked factor that can actually affect your dog’s health a lot!

Actually, as an example of how important frequency of feeding is…

A study shows that for someone looking to lose weight, the number of times we eat per day influences how much weight we lose, even if we were to eat the same amount of calories!

So optimizing the number of times we feed our dogs is definitely something we should do if we want our dogs to be as healthy as possible. 

“But I’m not good at science…” No worries because I am 😉 And I’ve got you covered because I have condensed all you need to know, based on everything I have learned through my research, into an easy-to-understand way inside the Viking Dog Diet Method. 

“But I have a busy schedule…” So you’re saying you don’t have time to cook for your dog? Well, that’s fine because there’s no cooking required with the Viking Dog Diet! Plus, it may even take as little as 5 minutes-a-day to prepare and clean up after your dog’s meal each day… if you’re willing to spend some time prepping every few weeks (and who doesn’t have that kind of time when it comes to their dog’s health, right?)

“But my dog has food allergies…” That’s an even better reason to get started with the Viking Dog Diet right now! Some people even claim food their dog used to be allergic to is not even a problem once feeding a natural diet… PLUS, the Viking Dog Diet is so flexible, you may easily avoid foods your dog is allergic to. 

“But my dog is already old…” Is that reason to give up on your dog?? One of the most incredible benefits people may see from feeding such a diet to their dog is actually extending their dog’s life by years! Wouldn’t you want to keep your dog by your side for as long as possible?!

“But I don’t have a lot of money…” Yes, it’s true feeding a homemade diet can be more expensive than the cheapest dog foods out there… However, your dog’s health is worth it, right? And do you know how much vet bills may cost and all the meds if your dog gets sick from eating unhealthy food?! Just check out what happened to Tolinka below and you’ll see how much money her owner would have saved if she had been feeding a natural diet all along!

It Feels Awesome To Know You Are Doing The Best Thing For Your Dog

IMAGINE how it feels to know you are doing the best thing you could possibly do for your dog. 

You see your dog’s youth and energy come back, or maybe your dog recovers from health problems. In any case, you simply know that ditching unhealthy dog food and replacing it with a 100% natural, nutritious, healthy diet was the best thing you could have done for your dog’s health. And who knows, now that your dog is doing so well, your furry best friend might stay by your side for so much longer!

Everything You Need Is Here…

I know it may seem like a lot, to both understand how food affect our dogs’ bodies and how to actually feed dogs a highly nutritious, 100% natural, real food diet… 

And how do you even transition your dog to such a different diet?? 

I have condensed all of this and more into this easily accessible e-book: 

The Viking Dog Diet is an extensive, in depth e-book, referencing some of the world’s best scientific research on nutrition and dogs. It comes in the format of a PDF file and access to download the ebook will be delivered to you via email once you have placed the order. You will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF viewer software to view the Viking Dog Diet ebook on your laptop, phone, tablet etc. 

Let’s Recap What We’ve Learned So Far

This “Down To Earth”, No BS, Simple, Step-By-Step Method Is Based On The Best Available Nutrition Science In The World

Unless you have a degree in science, have studied dogs and nutrition for years, AND know how to tell if a scientific study is actually a good one or not… I don’t think you’d be able to find this critical, no BS, science-based information anywhere else, even if you tried… 

Because if an expert or even a scientist tells you something is true, that doesn’t make it true… I mean, there are so many people out there saying feed this, feed that… Studies show this and that, ‘it’s science’… 

THE TRUTH IS: Not all science is good science, and there are too many people out there spreading bad science. 

So who should you believe? You should believe the ones that are highly critical yet open to the fact that we may have been wrong in the past. And that actually look at dogs as living creatures that need real food while cutting out all the BS. 

The thing is, the Viking Dog Diet is a step-by-step METHOD that not only teaches you to feed your dog a certain way, it helps you understand what food actually does to your dog’s body, which foods are both nutritious and bioavailable, how often you should feed your dog and even step-by-step how to transition your dog to this new way of life, with lots of tips and tricks to help you along.  

It’s extensive because I’m assuming only the BEST is good enough for your dog… Am I right?!

And The Real HEROES Are…

Listen, I can’t take all the credit for this… After all, the real heroes are the thousands of dog owners around the world who are already feeding their dogs a natural diet. 

They are the ones who have the DRIVE and DETERMINATION to do whatever it takes for their dogs to be as healthy as possible and live a long life…

They are the ones who have the COURAGE to stand up to dog food manufacturers and everyone else who have been telling us ‘dog food’ is what dogs should eat… 

And they are the ones who are HUMBLE enough to admit that what they used to feed their dogs was unhealthy, and BRAVE enough to take charge and learn how to move forward with what is truly best for their dogs! 

These people are the real heroes in my opinion and I hope you’ll join this movement as well!

WARNING #1: Don’t Try This Alone

I have to warn you… If you try to go at this along, your dog may suffer. 

I mean, even with the best of intentions, some dog owners have even LOST THEIR DOGS because they simply didn’t know what they were doing. 

PLUS, you’d likely end up completely overwhelmed, frustrated and confused by all the conflicting information out there…

So please, do not try this alone unless you have extensive knowledge of dog nutrition. 

WARNING #2: This Is Not For Everyone

It’s important for you to understand that the Viking Dog Diet is not for everyone. And, No offence, but if you’re one of the following people, I wouldn’t even want you to have a copy of this e-book… 

The Viking Dog Diet is WRONG for you IF:

REMEMBER, the Method is based on only two simple steps: 

Even though it’s simple, the power food has over your dog’s health and vitality is undeniably strong!

And the PROOF is in all the examples of dogs thriving on a natural diet. 

Some might call it a MIRACLE diet… I just think it’s the only thing that makes sense. 


At 10 years old, Jade went from weighing 85 pounds with constant infections, daily prednisone, and basically no fur at all to a lean 50 pound dog, no daily prescription meds, and a full and shiny coat.

He used to be fed kibble, even a pretty expensive one and it all changed for him after his owner started feeding him a natural, meat-based diet!


This dog had a horrible skin condition, lumps with bald spots! Without any medication, only changing the diet to a natural, meat-based diet and using some ACV, this dog recovered completely. He’s lucky to have an owner who does anything to keep him healthy. 

“Commercial dog food may be both cheap and convenient. HOWEVER, there is nothing cheap and convenient about having a sick dog if you ask me…”

For instance, it has been estimated that having an overweight dog that contracts some of the health problems that often tag along with excess fat…

Vet visits and medications can get super expensive, which is simply one more reason to do everything you can to keep your dog healthy, right?

Because you want your dog to be by your side for as long as possible, isn’t that true?

In a way, your dog’s health is worth thousands and thousands of dollars… Maybe even more?

Yet, that’s not what I want you to spend today for your copy of the Viking Dog Diet…

Even with all the endless hours researching, all the knowledge and effort making this Method as simple as possible… 

It’s less than a couple of bags of dog food at Chewy that could potentially even cause your dog to get sick…

It’s even less than some people spend on a single cup of coffee per day in only a couple of months… 

Your dog’s health and vitality is certainly worth more than that, right?!

Why? Because I want it to be an OBVIOUS CHOICE… Because our dogs deserve healthy, nutritious, real food… And because I want as many dogs out there to live a healthy, long life. 

ZERO Risk. 100% Peace Of Mind.

I am so confident you’ll think the Viking Dog Diet is the best thing you could have done for your dog’s health, that I’m willing to offer you this risk-free money-back guarantee:

Guarantee: Get this method and use it with your dog for 60 days… If you’re not already seeing some amazing changes in your dog, we will give you 100% of your money back… 

Your Dog’s Health Doesn’t Wait…

LISTEN, I don’t want you to look back at this day in the future with regret, wishing you had made the right decision for your dog. 

I wish I had known about all this back when I had Sasi… Maybe she would have been cancer-free, maybe even lived twice as long! 

The sad truth is that if you don’t make the decision right now to start feeding your dog healthy, nutritious, real food… you may never do it… 

You may end up postponing it till tomorrow, which could turn into next week, next month… next dog…?!

Dogs don’t live as long as we do, so we don’t have time to waste if we want our dogs to be as healthy as possible and stay by our side for as long as possible. 

And knowing what you know now, I’d think feeding ‘dog food’ to your dog would probably not feel so good… 

So the very best thing you can do for your dog is to make the right decision now. 

You Know What Else You Need?

I believe you’ll be super excited and happy with the Viking Dog Diet and what it will do for your dog. 

However, I want you to be so over-the-moon thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of the Viking Dog Diet that I’m adding some incredible bonuses…

Insider tips and tricks plus simple recipe for dog treats that are healthy, delicious and guilt-free!

Because everything our dog eats counts and because feeding healthy should be both EASY and DELICIOUS!

Step-by-step how to shop, prepare and store your dog’s meals for a whole month in order to spend 5 minutes-a-day – without even having to think about what to feed your dog – for the rest of that month on your dog’s natural, homemade meals. 

Example feeding plan – including shopping list – for a whole month (4 weeks) using ingredients that are fairly common to find. 

This is something people would pay bucket-loads of money for… Yet once you get your copy of the Viking Dog Diet today, this guide is free!

All bonuses come in the format of PDF files. Access to download the files will be delivered to your inbox once you place the order. 

Don’t Leave Your Dog’s Health To Chance, Or Worse…

Don’t simply wait for life to happen… Don’t sit there doing nothing waiting for your dog to get sick and old… 

REMEMBER, if you do nothing, like most people out there because they simply don’t know any better, chances are you’ll have to deal with a bunch of frustratingly persistent health problems, maybe even cancer…  

Watching your dog in pain, feeling completely helpless… 

The truth is… we can’t protect our dogs from everything and we can’t change the past either. Life does happen, that’s true.

HOWEVER, what we can do is change the future by doing everything we can to make things right from now on!

Today, you can choose to be your dog’s hero. And even my hero…

Join the movement of courageous people who have the drive and determination to stand up for their dogs, to say no to anything not worthy of our dogs and say YES to healthy, nutritious, real food. 

Be humble enough to understand your dog’s life is in your hands and brave enough to take charge!

Because it is now your responsibility to do everything in your power to help your dog. 

I’m sure your dog already thinks you are a hero. It’s now time to prove to yourself that you are the hero your dog thinks you are. 

“Be the person your dog thinks you are” 


Today the entire package of the Viking Dog Diet method and all  bonuses are yours for…

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To the health of our deserving dogs, 

Creator of the Viking Dog Diet

P.S. – Every second you wait your dog is getting older… This is your chance!

P.P.S. – Remember, you have 60 days of full access to the Viking Dog Diet to decide if this is the right choice for you and your dog. With the “no questions asked” money-back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose… 

Get the Viking Dog Diet and all bonuses: CLICK HERE!

When you click the button above you will be taken to our Secure Checkout Page. Once you complete your order, access to download the Viking Dog Diet ebook as well as the accompanying bonuses will be delivered to your email inbox. Please allow at least 15 minutes for the email to arrive and make sure to check your spam folder just in case.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the order, please send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you. 


Lucky was switched to a natural, meat-based diet and this is what his owner said: 

“With his Cushing’s Disease, sensitive tummy troubles, and old age (9), I had so many reservations. But his youth, spunk, and energy came back full force and I have my happy boy back!”


Tia used to eat kibble. She was on steroid injections for an old injury in her back leg and she gained weight. She had UTI like symptoms which kept returning. With 10 rounds of antibiotics in just one year it turned out to be inflammation on her bladder wall.

Then it all changed. Tia started eating a natura, raw diet and after just 4 months she lost 7kg, stopped having blood in her urine, doesn’t limp as much anymore and can go on longer walks. Her owner is amazed at the transformation and says you wouldn’t believe she’s 11 years old when seeing how playful and bouncy she is.

The results can vary from dog to dog. Examples found on this page are results based on the owners’ own version of raw, meat-based diets and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The examples have been found via social media, except the one with Nina which Ingunn was personally responsible for. Ingunn Grip Fjær, despite being certified as a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist by DNM University, is an expert on her own merit, having built her knowledge in the area of nutrition and dogs through studying nutrition and dogs on her own, not being trained in nutrition or any other area of health or dogs. All shared knowledge, tips, and methods are for educational purposes only. No information on this page or inside the Viking Dog Diet or any bonuses replaces an appointment with a veterinarian or nutritionist. Never make any changes to your dog’s diet or food lifestyle without first consulting a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist. Only they will be able to evaluate your dog’s current situation closely and decide if your dog is fit or not to these changes. If you have any doubts, send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

© Copyright 2020, Ingunn Fjær, Viking Dog Girl, All Rights Reserved, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy

Click here to get Viking Dog Diet – Extend Your Dog's Life Through The Best Diet at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Viking Dog Diet – Extend Your Dog's Life Through The Best Diet is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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